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European Road Freight

Just Send It can provide various road services into Europe. We can provide Economy Groupage, Direct Drives or a flexible part Groupage, part Direct Drive to work around the client’s needs.

  • Economy Groupage - With numerous trailers going into Europe minimum once weekly to countries such as Belgium/France/Germany/Netherlands/Italy/Portugal/Spain to name a few.
  • Direct Drive - Just Send It can provide a Direct Drive service to any location to meet the client’s needs.
  • Part Groupage/Part Direct Drive - Cost effective solution to move equipment on the Economy Groupage service to the nearest hub and then use a direct drive to do the final mileage. This way the client takes advantage of the Economy service, but then has the flexibility to deliver their final destination at a specific time/date at a lesser cost than the Direct Drive option.
    E.g- If client needed to deliver to Brussels then we could work a solution to move on an overnight Economy Groupage trailer to Kampenhout, mixed with a 30km Direct Drive into Brussels location.

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